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Итоги года уходящего от Joze Cuden

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CIAM Space Models Subcommittee Annual Report 2016

At this year's CIAM meeting Space models SC chairman Srdjan Pelagic retired from this position after almost 20 years. During this long period Srdjan set high standards of running Space Models Subcommittee and beside that carefully coordinated the course of SM World Cup competitions.
There were two SM candidates nominated for Frank Ehling Diploma: John Jacomb (GBR) and National Association of Rocketry (USA). With the votes of secret ballot the diploma was awarded to NAR.
The organization of 2018 SM World Championship was awarded to the only bidder – Poland, who has already been approved as the host of 2017 SM European Championship.
In 2016 Space Models Subcommittee consisted of 22 members, representing the countries with developed SM activity. Andrija Ducak (SLO) has been appointed as new World Cup coordinator in 2017.
Space Models contest season 2016 was very successful with a significant increase of participants according to the previous season. There were 19 World Cups in 5 categories and 8 Open Internationals organized on three continents. The competitions were held in 12 countries: Belarus, Slovakia (2), Russia (3), Bulgaria (2), Czech Republic, Poland (2), Latvia, Serbia (2), USA, Slovenia (2), Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
For the next contest season 2017 there are 22 World Cup proposals.
The most important event in 2016 was the World SM Championships at Lviv in Ukraine from 22nd to 30th August with the participation of 18 countries. This was a well organized event with an excellent support of the Noosphere Company resources (Cup navigator). There was a wide screen at the airfield showing current scene to the spectators. At same time the footages were distributed worldwide to be monitored on the internet in real time.
After a short brake the SMIR (Space Models International Ranking) was performed. In total 634 SM competitors participated at WSMCh and WCup events (8 categories). The overall winner became junior competitor Michal Zitnan ml. (SVK), 2nd is another junior Simon Bolfa (SVK) and 3rd Uladzimir Minkevich (BLR). It is encouraging that we have two junior competitors on the podium.
During the WSMCh in Lviv a well attended SM Technical meeting was held with the participation of CIAM Bureau president who presented the plans for future WAG where the space models event should find again a place in the contest part of the programme. There is an idea to select an appropriate category from the list of existing categories to be held at WAG or »invent« a new one. It should be simple enough but attractive, easy to run and understandable for public. The competition should last no longer than 2 to 3 hours. All the participants were invited to submit the proposals, but only one proposal (SLO) introducing new altitude category has been received so far.
Another important item relating scale models was discussed. Due to the lack of experienced scale judges, different interpretation of certain rocket prototypes and their appearance for judging and flight, there is a need for the unified ‘Judging Guide’. This technical manual should be used for new scale judge education at workshops or summer camps as well as for the support at the judging process. Two experienced scale judges, Zoran Pelagic (SVK) and Stuart Lodge (GBR), already started with writing. Draft version of the manual should be completed by the end of the year and shall be distributed for discussion.
EDIC SM working group dealt with the electronic altimeter issues during last two years. The result is a new EDIC document which shall be published in EDIC Volume. The altimeters that meet the requirements of the EDIC document shall receive the certificate for use in 2017.

Joze Cuden
CIAM Space Models SC Chairman
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